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Founded in New York, USA, Newport Education Group,in conjunction with New York State Borad of Regent, aims to promote the international leading educational philosophy and best classroom practice of slow education and intelligence education by structured content presentation. The Group is committed to the development of IPAT (Inquiry-Practice-Assessment-Transdisciplinary) personalized training courses, immersion learning courses, training courses of standardized tests including TOEFL, SAT, SSAT, general counseling for AP and IB international courses and other educational programs, supplemented by corresponding education and teaching evaluation, paying full attention to the students’ individual development needs, to make the world a classroom for children and provide a platform for international academic exchanges and education development.
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Which witnesses the child’s own learning and growth process.

Personality colors

This assessment is based on the “Theory of Personality” that originated in the 19th century and was continuously developed, using red, yellow, blue, green and other colors to interpret the character traits of different students.

Learning characteristics

This assessment is based on the “Multiple Intelligence Theory” proposed by Mr. Howard, professor of psychology and education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the 1980s.


Summative assessment is the climax of the teaching and learning process, providing students with the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned, by examining the student’s learning process and the teacher’s teaching process.

Assessment of Inquiry and Evidence based observation

This assessment will be based on the results of the assessment of children’s comprehensive ability. Within the IPAT transdisciplinary inquiry course activities, children will be verified and observed from four dimensions to deeper understand the growth and changes in different periods. Evidence observation records are taken based on the inquiry-based teaching activities designed for targeted training of children.

Inquiry-based observation assessment is an “observation” approach. Observation is one of the best ways to understand children’s needs, discover their achievements, and expedite their development. We observe what children do, listen to what they say, and record objectively and truthfully.

Assessment of Comprehensive Ability

This assessment has been revised and updated since the 1970s and has undergone six systematic revisions. It collects and analyzes the relevant data of the comprehensive ability of a large number of students around the world.

This assessment will mainly test children’s skills and behaviors through the four dimensions of growth and development (physical function), language development, cognitive thinking (literacy and mathematical logic), and social emotions. Parents and teachers can better understand the development of children through professional data analysis support. At the same time, based on the evaluation results, teacher can formulate personalized training programs for children and guide their subsequent classes.

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+1 9178688554

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Paying full attention to the students’ individual development needs, to make the world a classroom for children.

IPAT Thinking

Working together with the team of experts from the New York Board of Cooperative Educational Services and the Berkeley IB School in San Francisco.
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Building Information Modeling

The application of BIM technology is changing the way the projects are built, and has grown rapidly in the world in recent years.
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Innovative Coding

With the advent of the artificial intelligence era, program development has increasingly become the most demanded skill in the world.
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Standardized Tests and International Curriculum Training

Training courses for standardized tests including TOEFL, SAT, SSAT, as well as general counseling for AP and IB international courses are provided.
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